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Hello everyone, welcome to the blog.

This is the first video of the tutorial series on AVR microcontrollers for beginners. It is an introductory video that explains the different aspects of microcontroller technology(AVR), their applications, and types.

Our modern world today is in-fact filled with microcontrollers and we use them in our everyday life without even knowing. From our smartphones to smart TVs to washing machines to our cars, they are present everywhere.

The AVR series of microcontrollers were first developed by ‘Atmel’ in 1980’s and they are pretty efficient in-expensive chips which are great for both prototyping and final embedded products.

In the video below, I have tried to explain all the different aspects and the prerequisite knowledge that you need to know before entering this field. Give it a view…



So, as I tell in the video, I will use an AVR ATmega 16 controller for all the upcoming posts in this tutorial series. It is one of the most popular chips in the ATmega series and is ideal for beginners.

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