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In the last post of the Arduino Tutorial series we talked about interfacing an LED with the Arduino Uno R3 board and we also talked about controlling the rate of blinking of the LED through code. In this post then, we will take it a step further by connecting a push button to the Arduino board and controlling the rate of blinking of the LED through this push button. So for example, if we push the button then the LED should blink at a rate, let’s say 100 milliseconds and if we leave the push button then it should blink at a different rate let’s say 1000 milliseconds. So effectively, we will be checking here for a digital input (press of the button) and change the rate according to that.

In the last circuit, we had connected a resistor to Pin 8 of the Arduino board to which the positive(anode) pin of the LED was connected. We will modify this circuit further and connect the push button to Pin 7 of the Arduino board. All the pins from 0 to 13 on the board can be used for both digital input/output operations. A circuit diagram has been given below for your reference:

Circuit Diagram:

Interfacing Push Button with Arduino

I would now like you to go through the video below where I explain everything in details including the circuit and the actual code:




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