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Clocks and watches both digital and analog are an integral part of our life. Apart from the ones we wear daily on our wrists and the ever-present one on the screen of our smartphones, we are in fact surrounded by them and we seldom take any notice. Form the humongous ones present on airports and railway stations to the comparatively minuscule ones present on our home appliances such as microwave ovens and washing machines.

Therefore, I wanted to build one for myself that was not too complicated and could be made by other beginners in the microcontroller field. Here I have used six common-anode seven segment displays along with an AVR Atmega16 microcontroller to create the clock. Take a look at the video below.



Now, if you also want to learn how to manipulate Seven Segments then you can check out this post on interfacing Seven Segments with AVR ATmega16 microcontroller.

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