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About 9g Servomotor sg90:

It is a rotary or a linear actuator that is used for precise control of angular motion. It is also known as a closed-loop system. It consists of a motor that is coupled with a sensor (a potentiometer) for position feedback. The feedback is feed to the IC which is present inside the servo and the IC uses the feedback values for controlling the precise movement of servomotor.  

Pinout or Pin Configuration of 9g Servo

Features of 9g Servo

  • Operating voltage: 3-7v 
  • Current consumption: max 500mA
  • Torque: 1.2-1.6kg-cm

Components Needed for This Project

  • Arduino UNO
  • 9gm Servo 
  • Jumper wires

Pin Connection of 9g Servo with Arduino 

  • Pin VCC: 5v
  • Pin GND: GND
  • Pin Signal: Pin 5

Circuit Diagram of 9g Servo with Arduino

Arduino Code for 9gm Servo with Arduino

#include "Servo.h"
const int servoPin = 5; 
Servo Servo1;
void setup() {  
void loop(){ 
   Servo1.write(0); //0 degrees 

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