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An electronic component is basic of any discrete device or physical entity. An electronic system affect electrons or their associated fields. Electronic components are mostly industrial products and  available in a singular form and should not to be confused with electrical. Hence are conceptual abstractions representing very idealized electronic components.

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Components are classified as passive and active. The passive components  are that cannot supply energy themselves, whereas a battery would make active to component since it truly acts as a source of energy.

However, electronic engineers who perform circuit analysis use more restrictive definition of passive components. When only concerned with the energy of signals, it is convenient to ignore the so-called DC circuit and pretend that the power supplying components such as transistors or integrated circuits is absent (as if each such component had its own battery built in), though it may in reality, DC circuits supply that. Then, the analysis only concerns the AC circuit, an abstraction that. Ignores DC voltages and currents (and the power associated with them) present in the real-life circuit. This fiction, for instance, lets us view an oscillator as “producing energy” even though in reality the oscillator consumes even more energy from a DC power supply, which we have chosen to ignore.

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