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2N3055 NPN Switching and High Power Amplifier Transistor

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  • Product: 2N3055 Transistor
  • Polarity: NPN
  • Mounting type: through hole
  • Package type: TO-204AA (TO-3)
  • Case: 1-07 (Style1)
  • Package contains: 1 x 2N3055 NPN Switching and High Power Amplifier Transistor


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2N3055 is a silicon NPN transistor, designed for general purpose switching and amplification applications. It is manufactured with the epitaxial base process, mounted in a hermetically sealed metal case. This is a current control device, in which a small current at the base controls a large amount of current at emitter and collector side. It also can be used in audio power amplifiers as it has a good amplifying factor and gain is almost linear. 

  • Current controlled device
  • Medium power transistor
  • Linear gain
  • The excellent safe operating area
  • Complementary NPN-NPN transistor
  • The low collector-emitter saturation voltage
  • Collector-emitter voltage: 60V DC
  • Collector-base voltage: 100V Dc
  • Emitter-base voltage: 7V DC
  • Maximum continuous collector current: 15A DC
  • Maximum base current: 7A DC
  • Collector cutoff current: 0.7mA to 5mA
  • Emitter cutoff current: 5mA
  • DC current gain (hFE): 20 to 70
  • Total power dissipation: 115W
  • Operating temperature: -65℃ to +200℃
  • Power switching and amplifier circuit
  • PWM or motor control applications
  • Regulator circuits
  • Signal amplifiers

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  1. Roshin Renjith (verified owner)


    Roshin Renjith

  2. Roshin Renjith (verified owner)

    Ordered 2nd time. Using it in regulated dc power supply. At first it was 13.5v, after continuous usage voltage droped to 11.2v. Better go for another product.

    Roshin Renjith