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2SC5200 30A 230V NPN Epitaxial Power Amplifier Transistor Original Toshiba

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Product Details :

IC number 2SC5200
Product type Power Transistor
Polarity NPN
Number of pins 3
pin type through holes
Package TO-264
Package contains 1 x 2SC5200 NPN Transistor


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2SC5200 is high power and a high current NPN transistor, manufactured by Toshiba. Because of high current gain, the transistor is used in high power audio circuits and AF amplifiers.

  • Collector-Base voltage: 230V
  • Collector-Emitter voltage: 230V
  • Emitter-Base voltage: 5V
  • Collector current: 15A
  • Base current: 1.5A
  • Collector cutoff current: 5µA
  • Emitter cutoff current: 5µA
  • DC current gain: 55 to 160
  • Collector power dissipation: 150W
  • AF (audio frequency) RF (Radiofrequency) Amplifier
  • Switching circuit with load up to 15A
  • Push-pull application
  • Using continuously with heavy loads, the device may decrease its performance significantly.
  • Use suitable heat sink
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