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3mm LED – Red (Pack of 5)

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Product Name: 3mm LED,
Diameter: 3mm,
Viewing Angle: 34°,
Housing Color: Red,
Emitting Color: red,
Nanometer: 640,
MCD typ.: 2500 mcd,
mA test.: 20 mcd,
mA typ.: 20 mA,
V typ.: 1,8 V,
V max.: 2,5 V,


3mm LED – Red (Pack of 5)

LED is a semiconductor light source and has two leads, also named junction that is P and N junctions. It releases energy in the form of photons by applying a suitable voltage to its leads. The photons get generated because electrons get combine with holes within device and release energy, this effect is electroluminescence. This is a semiconductor device so colour depends on band gap of semiconductor material.

3mm Red LED Features

Diameter: 3mm
Viewing Angle: 34°
Housing Color: Red
Emitting Color: red
Nanometer: 640
MCD typ.: 2500 mcd
mA test.: 20 mcd
mA typ.: 20 mA
V typ.: 1,8 V
V max.: 2,5 V