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5mm LED – green (pack of 50)

Rs. 40,
Product: – 5mm LED,
Colour: – Green,
Size: – 5mm,
Pack: – 50 pieces,
Features: –
High Flux Output,
Low Profile,
Low Thermal Resistance,
Low Power Consumption,
Pb free


5mm LED – green (pack of 50)

LED is a semiconductor light source and has two leads, also named junction that is P and N jumctions. It releases energy in the form of photons by applying a suitable voltage to its leads. The photons get generated because electrons get combine with holes within device and release energy, this effect is electroluminescence. This is a semiconductor device so colour depends on band gap of semiconductor material.

Yellow LED Features

  • High Flux Output
  • Low Profile
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Pb free

Technical Data of 5mm LED

  • Forward Voltage: 1.9V to 2.5V
  • Angle: 80º
  • Luminous intensity: 1000-1500 mCd (@20mA)
  • Max forward current: 30mA
  • Lens type: Water Clear
  • Material: AlGaInP
  • Forward Pulse Current: 100mA
  • Reverse Voltage: 5V
  • Power Dissipation: 140mW
  • Operating temperature: -40~+80 ºC
  • Storage temperature: -40~+100 ºC
  • Soldering heat: 260 ºC
  • Peak Emission Wavelength: 590nm (@20mA)
  • Spectral Line Half-Width: 20nm (@20mA)
  • Reverse Current: 10µA (@5V)

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