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6N137 Optocoupler High Speed Single Channel Optoisolator IC

SKU: IC0012

Product Details

  • Product: 6N137 Optocoupler IC
  • Phase: single
  • Number of pins: 8
  • Package: PDIP-8
  • Mounting type: Through hole
  • Package contains: 1 x 6N137 Optocoupler High Speed Single Channel Optoisolator IC


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6N137 is a 1 channel optocoupler IC. it is optically coupled to a very high speed integrated gate and with a strobable output that features an open collector and allows wired-OR output.

  • Very high speed (10Mbit/s)
  • Superior CMR (10kV/µs)
  • Double working voltage (480V)
  • Fan-out of 8 over -40℃ to +85℃
  • Logic gate output
  • Strobable output
  • Wired OR-open collector
  • Maximum supply voltage: 7V (typical 5V)
  • Input forward voltage: 1.1V to 1.7V
  • Minimum logic high voltage: 2V
  • Maximum logic low voltage: 0.8V
  • Output sink current: 7mA
  • Propagation delay: 50nS
  • Ground loop elimination
  • LSTTL to TTL, LSTTL, or 5-volt CMOS
  • Line receiver, data transmission
  • Data multiplexing
  • Switching power supplies
  • Pulse transformer replacement
  • Computer peripheral interface 


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