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74153 IC Dual 1-of-4 Multiplexer Data Selector

SKU: IC0019

Product Specifications

  • IC number: 74153
  • Type: DIP
  • Pin number: 16
  • IC Name: 1 of 4 data selector or data multiplexer
  • Maximum Voltage supply: 5.25V
  • Minimum Voltage supply: 4.75V
  • Package Contains: tested and unused 1 piece of 74153 IC


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74153 is a data multiplexer or data selector IC. It has inverters and drivers that supply fully complementary data selection to the AND-OR-NOT gates. It also has on-chip and binary decoding. It has 2 1 of 4 data multiplexer in one IC package. Separate data enables are available for each multiplexer.


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