AVR USBASP Programmer For Arduino Raspberry-Pi Robotics


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  • Package contains: unused 1 USBasp Programmer
  • Can work on many platforms like Linux, window, Mac etc.
  • There is no need for any external device or component
  • Gives speed up to 5KBP
  • Can programme many devices like, AVR, Raspberry PI, Arduino etc
  • Low cost and small size
  • Simple board of ATmega8 or ATmega88 and other passive components

220.00 499.00

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USB ASP Programmer is a simple and in-circuit programmer to programme your AVR, Raspberry Pi etc. It has Atmega8 or ATmega88 and some of the passive and active components on its board. To programme from this programmer, no extra USB controller is needed as its uses firmware-only.