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BD237 NPN Bipolar Power Transistor 100V 2A 25W 3MHz

SKU: BEC0154

Product Specifications

  • IC Number: BD237
  • Type: Transistor
  • Pins count: 3
  • Transistor type: NPN Power Transistor
  • Package contains: 1 x BD237 NPN Transistor


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BD237 is NPN bipolar transistor designed for use in 5.0W to 10W audio amplifiers and drivers utilizing complementary or quasi complementary circuits. The device features exceptional high gain performance coupled with a very low saturation voltage. 

  • Low saturation voltage
  • High DC current gain
  • NPN transistor
  • Available TO-126 package
  • Collector-emitter voltage: 80V
  • Collector-base voltage: 100V
  • Emitter-base voltage: 5V
  • Collector current: 2A
  • Base current: 1A
  • Collector peak current: 6A
  • DC current gain (hfe): 40
  • Collector dissipation: 25W
  • Transition frequency: 3MHz
  • Operating temperature range: -65℃ to +150℃

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