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BTA16-600B 16amp Logic Level Triac

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Product Details

  • Product: BTA16-600B Triac
  • Number of pins: 3
  • Package: TO-220
  • Mounting type: through hole
  • Package contains: 1 x BTA16-600B 16amp Logic Level Triac


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BTA16-600B is a TRIAC series that is well suitable for general purpose AC switching. The device is designed for high-performance full-wave AC control applications where high noise immunity and high communicating dI/dt are required. 

  • Blocking voltage to 600V
  • On-state current rating of 16A RMS at 25℃ 
  • Uniform gate trigger currents in three quadrants
  • High immunity to dV/dt-1000V/µs minimum at 125℃
  • Minimizes snubber networks for protection
  • High commutating dI/dt-8.5 A/ms minimum at 125℃
  • Internally isolated
  • Least sensitive gate for highest noise immunity
  • Planar passivated for voltage ruggedness and reliability
  • Peak repetitive off-state voltage: 600V
  • On-state RMS current: 16A
  • Peak non-repetitive surge current: 170A
  • Off-state leakage current: 5µA
  • Peak gate current: 4A
  • On-state voltage: 1.6V
  • Gate trigger current: 100mA
  • Average gate power: 1W
  • Peak gate power: 20W
  • Operating temperature range: -40℃ to 125℃
  • General purpose switching
  • Motor control
  • Industrial and domestic lighting
  • Heating 

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