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CD4047BE 4047 Monostable/Astable Multivibrator IC

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Product Details

  • IC Number: CD4047
  • Function: Multivibrator
  • Technology: CMOS
  • Pin counts: 14
  • Mounting type: through hole
  • Package: PDIP-14


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CD4047 is a CMOS multivibrator and works in both monostable and astable mode. the IC has a wide range of applications Including pulse clock generation, sine wave generation, conversion of DC signal to AC signal and many more.

  • Wide voltage supply range
  • Low power consumption
  • Both Monostable (one-shot) and Astable (free-running) operation mode
  • Buffered inputs
  • Only one resistor and capacitor is required as an external component to determine the output pulse width
  • High noise immunity
Monostable Features
  • Positive and negative edge triggered
  • Retriggered option for pulse width expansion
  • Output pulse width independent of trigger pulse operation
  • Internal power-on reset circuit
Astable Features
  • Free-running or getable operating mode
  • 50% duty cycle
  • Oscillator output available
  • Good Astable frequency ability
  • Voltage supply: -0.5V to +20V 
  • Input voltage range (all inputs): -0.5V to +0.5V
  • DC input Current (anyone input): ±10mA
  • Operating temperature range: -55℃ to +125℃
  • Storage temperature range: -65℃ to +150℃
  • Envelope detection
  • Frequency multiplication, division, and discrimination
  • Timing circuit
  • Delay circuit

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