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DIY Arduino Based Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoider Robotics Car Kit



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  • This Arduino Based Robotics Kit utilizes an ultrasonic sensor to detect an object in front of it and avoid it. The robot can turn, stop, or go around, on the detection of an object in front of the bot according to the programming.  The user needs to assemble the robot car by following the manual (included in the kit) step by step and the root will be ready to go.

    This kit contains all the necessary components from electronics to hardware parts to make an Ultrasonic Obstacle avoider robotic car controlled by the Arduino board.


    • The default program makes the smart car change direction on the detection of an obstacle in front, at a distance of around 20cm.
    • This kit can be modified easily to make custom robotics projects.
    • The code can also be quickly modified to get different maneuvers of the smart cars on the detection of an object at a particular distance.
    • All the tools and cables are provided in the kit to assemble it.

    Kit Contents

    Name Quantity
    Chassis Boards (color may vary from picture) 2
    BO Motors 2
    Castor Wheel 1
    Ultrasonic Sensor 1
    Ultrasonic Sensor Mount 1
    Arduino UNO SMD R3 1
    Motor Driver Shield soldered analog pins 1
    Jumper Wires 10
    Nut, Bolt, Spacer & motor clamps 1
    BO Wheels 2
    Battery Holder 1
    Cutter 1
    Screw Driver 1
    Cable ties 5
    USB A-B Programming Cable 1
    On-Off Switch 1

    Circuit Diagram and Code Details

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