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HT12D Decoder IC for RF Module

SKU: IC0059

Product Specifications

  • IC Number: HT12D
  • Function of IC: Decoder IC for RF
  • Number of pins: 18
  • PIN Type: DIP
  • Operating voltage: 2.4V-12V
  • Package contains: unused and checked 1 piece of HT12D

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  • HT12D is a decoder IC for remote control applications, commonly in Radiofrequency (RF) wireless applications, and it is 2 series decoders. We can transmit 12 bits of parallel data serially by using HT12E and HT12D. HT12D is a simple Decoder IC that converts serial data to its input through RF to 12 bits parallel data in which there are 4 data bits and 8 address bits. These 8 bits addresses are security code for 4 bits data, which means we can provide 8 bits security code for 4 bits data and can use multiple receivers by using the same transmitter.

    • Range of Operating voltage: 2.4V~12V
    • CMOS technology with low power and high noise immunity
    • Standby current: low
    • Decoding bits: 12 bits of information
    • HT12D bits classification: 4 data bits and 8 address bits
    • Oscillator: Built-in and needs only 5% resistors
    • It has a valid transmission indicator
    • Easy to interface with an RF or IR transmission
    • Does not require any external components
    • It is 212 series of encoders
    Pin Description
    1. Address pins A0
    2. A1
    3. A2
    4. A3
    5. A4
    6. A5
    7. A6
    8. A7
    9. GND
    10. data pins D0
    11. D1
    12. D2
    13. D3
    14. Input
    15. Oscillator output
    16. Oscillator input
    17. Valid Transmission
    18. Vcc

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