I2C Module LCD Serial Display Adapter

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Module I2C/IIC Module
Compatible LCD 16 x 2 and 20 x 4
Headers soldered
Arduino interfaced pins 4


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I2C Module is a parallel to serial converter compatible with LCD2004 and LCD1602. By using this module, LCD can be interfaced with using only 2 wires. LCD displays take 8 pins so sometimes user can get out of resources, mostly using Arduino Uno and Nano, but this device helps to save the resources as it takes only 4 pins.


  • Compatible with 16×2 and 20×4 LCD display
  • Saves resources using only 4 pins
  • LCD can be interfaced using 2 wires
  • Easy to interface
  • Standard 5V supply voltage
  • Contras is adjustable
  • The backlight can be turned on and off using sorting jumper


  • Address range: 0x20 to 0x27 (Selectable)
  • Default address range: 0x27
  • Operating voltage: 5V
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