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IR Proximity infrared sensor Module Obstacle detector

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Product Specifications

  • Module: IR Module
  • Used in: Line tracking, heat detection, obstacle detection etc
  • IC in module: LM358
  • Package contains: checked and unused 1 piece IR Sensor Module

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  • IR (Infrared) sensor, works in the infrared ration, finds in the application in sensing or detecting a certain type of characteristics of its surroundings by either emitting or detecting infrared radiation. It measures the heat emitted by an object and detecting the motion. This sensor uses a specific light sensor to detect a light wavelength in the Infrared spectrum. It has an LED that produces the light at the same wavelength as what sensor needs. Another sensor detects the reflected light and measures the value of reflected light and measures how bright the object is. This principle is used in many tasks like line tracking, object detection, etc.

    • Climatology
    • Meteorology
    • Night vision
    • Photobiomodulation
    • Gas detectors
    • Water analysis
    • Anesthesiology testing
    • Petroleum exploration
    • Rail safety

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    1. Shruti Kapil

      very good quality product… i recommend for everyone…
      nice delivery in time…. Good costumer service…

      Shruti Kapil

    2. Neha Kumari

      nice quality, good delivery time, my favorite courier FEDEX.
      I love it.
      Thank you RoboElements

      Neha Kumari

    3. Rashi

      brand packaging is very nice, handled in good condition,discount coupon work for 3 times,
      Thank you RoboElements


    4. nagendra

      good delivery, good packaging, same products with good quality


    5. sumit chouhan

      good quality product and shortest time delivery. like it. thank you..

      sumit chouhan

    6. Ranbir Agarwal

      good delivery speed. good packaging .nice quality of products 🙂

      Ranbir Agarwal

    7. Humid Ali

      i got low distance covered sensor bt liked delivery speed. thank u.

      Humid Ali

    8. onnoid

      What is the range of the Product ?