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NE555 555 Timer IC Square Wave Pulse Generator IC

SKU: IC0070

Product Specification

  • IC Number: LM555
  • IC Function: Timer IC
  • Pin number: 8
  • Number of timer circuit: 4 in 1 IC Package
  • Wide Voltage supply
  • Can work in wide conditions
  • Package contains: checked and unused 1 piece of LM555

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  • 555 timer IC has many applications like a timer, pulse generation, and oscillation. Other than it also finds its application to provide time delays as an oscillator and as flip flop element. LM555 Timer IC has 4 timer circuit in one package.

    • supply voltage: +5 Volts to +18 Volts.
    • Sinking or sourcing load current 200 mA.
    • 555 Timer IC output current is high because of that it can drive TTL
    • 555 timer IC drives the output of TTL because of High current output
    • Temperature stability: 50 parts per million (ppm) per degree Celsius change in temperature which is equivalent to 0.005 %/ °C.
    • The duty cycle of the timer: adjustable.
    • the maximum power dissipation per package: 600 mW and its trigger and reset inputs has logic compatibility.
    Working modes
    • Astable mode
    • Mono-stable mode
    • Bi-stable mode
    Pin Description

    NE555 Timer IC Pinout

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