SMA Connector Female PCB Mount Straight

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PCB Mount Straight Female SMA Connectors is having a good impedance value of 50 ohms with the frequency range of 0~6 GHz. This is an SMA(Subminiature Version A) connector which is a semi-precision coaxial RF connector. These connectors are used in many types of applications such as wireless base stations, Wifi, and many more.

Technical Specifications
  • Impedance:50 ohm
  • Frequency Range: 0~6 GHz
  • VSWR: Straight type ≦3max / R/A type ≦ 1.5max
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:1000 V rms min for RG142, RG405
  • 750 V rms min. for RG316, RG402
  • 500v rms min. for RG178
  • Working Voltage: 500 V rms max. for RG142, RG405
  • 375 V rms max. for RG316, RG402
  • 170 V rms max. for RG178
  • Center Contact Resistance ≦0 mΩ  (Milliohms max.)
  • Outer Contact Resistance ≦0 mΩ  (Milliohms max.)
  • Insulation Resistance ≧ 5 x 10³ mΩ (Megohms min.)

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