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Soil Moisture Sensor Module Soil Hydrometer Humidity Detector


Product Details

  • Product type: soil moisture sensor
  • PCB Dimension: 3mm x 15mm
  • Soil probe size: 6mm x 30mm
  • Cable size: 2.1mm
  • Weight: aprx 10g
  • Package contains: 1 x Soil moisture sensor with 1 x soil probe and 1 x cable or wire

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The soil moisture sensor is a device to measure volumetric water content in the soil. The sensor measures volumetric water content indirectly, without removing moisture, by using other parameters of soil like electrical resistance or conductance, dielectric constant and interaction with other neutrons. The result may vary depending on environmental factors like soil type, temperature, and conductivity, so it must be calibrated.

  • Voltage supply: 3.3-5V
  • Output mode: dual-mode, Analog (more accurate) and digital
  • Comparator IC: LM393
  • Indicator type:
    • Red: power indicator
    • Digital switching output indicator
Pin Description
  1. Vcc
  2. GND
  3. DO: Digital output
  4. AO: Analog output
  • Agriculture
  • Gardening
  • Landscape irrigation
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