Noel 1M Solder Desoldering Wick – High Quality

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Product Details

  • Size: 1M
  • Thickness: 3mm,
  • Brand: NOEL
  • 100% Copper Braid
  • Coated with halide-free synthetic resin flux


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Desoldering braid is a finely braided copper wire coated with rosin flux. Other names of desoldering wick are solder remover wick, desolder braid, and solder wick.


  • Smooth finish
  • Easy to use
  • Faster and increased solder absorption
  • Negligible residues which are non-corrosive, clear and non-hygroscopic
  • Heat stable coating
  • It contains a small amount of halide-free synthetic resin flux that does not need to be removed.
  • Minimizes the risk of damage associated with static electricity
  • Minimizes the risk of heat damage to the board
  • Will not leave ionic contamination on the boards

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