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TDA2003 10W HiFi Audio Amplifier IC

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Product Details

  • IC number: TDA2003
  • IC type: Audio amplifier IC
  • Number of pins: 5
  • Package type: TO-220B
  • Mounting type: Through-hole
  • Package contains: 1 x TDA2003 Audio Amplifier IC


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TDA2003 is a monolithic audio amplifier IC with a maximum output power of 10W. The IC provides a high current capability up to 3.5A and very low harmonic and cross-over distortion. The device is commonly used in stereo or mono audio circuits. 

TDA2003 features in AC and DC short circuit protection between all pins and ground, a thermal limiting circuit, load dump voltage surge up to 40V, and a fortuitous open ground, thus providing guaranteed completely safe protection. 


  • Very low external components required
  • High output current
  • Very low harmonic and cross-over distortion
  • AD and DC short circuit protection in all pins and ground
  • Load dump voltage surge up to 40V
  • Internal over-temperature protection
  • Breadboard friendly


  • Operating voltage range: 8V to 18V
  • Peak supply voltage: 40V for 50ms
  • Maximum DC supply voltage: 28V
  • Peak output current:
    • Repetitive: 3.5A
    • Non-repetitive: 4.5A
  • Quiescent output voltage: 6.1V to 7.7V
  • Quiescent drain current: 44 to 50mA
  • Output power: 5.5W to 12W
  • Voltage gain: 80dB
  • Supply voltage rejection: 36dB


  • Audio signal amplification
  • Suitable for high power amplification
  • Cascade audio speakers

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