TP4056 Lithium Ion Battery Charging Board Module

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Product Specifications:

Module Li-Ion Battery Charging/discharging module
Chip TP4056
Number of cells suitable Single Cell
Dimension 17mm x 21mm
Input Voltage: 4.5V to 5.5V
Full Charge Voltage 4.2V
Charging Current Adjustable 1A
Charging Precision 1.5%
Operating Temperature -10’C to +85’C
Application Portable devices
Power back
Battery Charger



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  • TP4056 is a Li-Ion charging and discharging module with a micro USB port. The module protects the lithium-ion battery to overcharge and over-discharge. It is a complete constant voltage/current linear charger of a single cell. It monitors the cell during charging and discharging and after a critical value, it disconnects the circuit.

    The module features with internal PMOSFET architecture that neglects the use of blocking diode, externally programmable current by using a single resistor, thermal feedback that regulates the charge current to limit die temperature and onboard charging indication.


    • Onboard charging indication
      • Red light: charging
      • Greenlight: fully charged
    • Mini USB interface
    • Adjustable charging current
    • 1% linear charging method
    • Suitable for single 3.7V and 18650 cell


    • Input voltage: 4.5V to 5.5V
    • Full charge voltage: 4.2V
    • Charging current: Adjustable 1A
    • Charging precision: 1.5%
    • Operating temperature: -10℃ to +85℃


    • Portable devices
    • Power back
    • Battery charger
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    1. prakashgautam62

      great product…..


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    3. Sayanik Mandal (verified owner)

      wounderfull please don’t increase the price.

      Sayanik Mandal

    4. SACHIN Rides (verified owner)

      Good product quality is good

      SACHIN Rides

    5. Akash Mondal (verified owner)

      Good work

      Akash Mondal

    6. Sanju Siby (verified owner)


      Sanju Siby

    7. sayanik Mandal

      I buy it again . Really godd working and very fast charge my lithium ion cell of 2000 mah in 1 hours and 30 minutes

      sayanik Mandal

    8. Prasun Patra (verified owner)

      Quality is very good. Price is little bit high but overall great Product.

      Prasun Patra

    9. Girish Nagose (verified owner)

      Good product

      Girish Nagose

    10. Jijo Raphael (verified owner)


      Jijo Raphael

    11. Deepak Singh (verified owner)

      Good and cheapest

      Deepak Singh

    12. Anubharadwaj Maharshi (verified owner)

      Nice product. Best in Quality and packing.

      Anubharadwaj Maharshi

    13. Umar faruq (verified owner)

      Very good product 👍 good working

      Umar faruq

    14. Srujan Tagalpallewar (verified owner)

      Good product
      Works perfectly
      Charges battery very fast

      Srujan Tagalpallewar

    15. Pardeep Kumar (verified owner)

      Nice Product 👌👌👌
      Good quality…

      Pardeep Kumar

    16. Paresh Vora (verified owner)

      Very good quality product and roboelements deliver faster than other sites and circuit seem like it is just made 30 minutes ago(new quality)

      Paresh Vora

    17. Farhan Khan (verified owner)

      It worked flawlessly 🙂 However it doesnt has a overdischarge feature!

      Farhan Khan

    18. amalps131 (verified owner)

      Great product


    19. Atharva L (verified owner)

      Nice product it charges the battery fast

      Atharva L

    20. Shailaja K (verified owner)

      No overdischarge protection

      Shailaja K

    21. Ajish Khan

      Can we charge 12 lipo battety using this?

      Ajish Khan

    22. Aurangjeb Pathan

      Nice product .worth buying it

      Aurangjeb Pathan

    23. Nihal Gautam (verified owner)

      Good product

      Nihal Gautam

    24. Zenvir Singh

      The module is really tiny, good charging speed, led indicators are helpful. Gets hot while charging, would have been better if it was possible to use some heatsink.

      Zenvir Singh

    25. RAVI MANNENAVAR (verified owner)

      Good app, too good product and price is very good, nice packing i am really happy to this roboelement.
      Thanks sir.