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W5100 Arduino Ethernet Shield Module Network Expansion Board


Product details

  • Product: Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • Microcontroller: Wiznet W5100
  • Version: latest
  • Dimension: 7cm x 5.4cm x 2.4cm
  • Connection with Arduino: using long wire-wrap headers which extends through the shield


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  • Arduino Ethernet shield is based on W5100 ethernet chip which provides a network stack capable of both TCP and UDP. The module allows Arduino to connect with internet without operation system. This ethernet module supports 4 simultaneous socket connection.

    RoboElements has the latest version of Arduino Ethernet shield so it has a micro SD card slot and a reset controller. By using the SD card, it stores the data serving over the internet. Reset controller ensures that the W5100 Module is properly reset on power-up.


    • Ethernet shield allows Arduino to connect to the internet
    • Has SD card slot to save data
    • No soldering required to connect with Arduino. Directly plug puzzle board
    • Compatible with all the version of Arduino
    • Connection speed: 10/100Mb
    • No external power needed
    • Arduino communicates with both W5100 and SD card using SPI bus
    • Shield provides standard RJ45 ethernet jack

    LED and indication

    1. PWR: Board is powered
    2. LINK: the presence of network and flashes when transmits or receives data
    3. 100M: the presence of 100Mb/s network connection
    4. FULLD: a network connection is a full duplex
    5. COLL: flashes on detection of network collision
    6. RX: flashes when receives data
    7. TX: flashes when transmits data


    • Ethernet library comes in Arduino 0019
    • SD card library is not yet included in Arduino distribution.
    • W5100 and SD card share SPI bus, so only one can be active at a time
    • While using both peripherals in the programme, corresponding libraries should be taken care of.
    • If one of the peripherals used in the programme, then the maker needs to explicitly deselect it. To do so
      • For SD card: set pin 4 as output and write a high for it
      • For W5100: set digital pin 10 as a high output  

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