lm7805 voltage regulator ic

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Product Details:

IC NumberLM7805
IC Functionconverts any voltage to 5 Volts
Number of Pins3
Pin typethrough hole
Package contains1 x LM7805 Voltage Regulator IC

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IC 7805 is a member of the 78xx series of the fixed linear voltage regulator IC. This regulator IC gives a constant output of 5v and input can be up to 24v (min. 7v). 7805 is so popular among all the voltage regulator IC because 5v is a basic voltage supply for most of the electronics circuit and getting a battery of exactly 5v is not that easy.


  • Input voltage: 7v to 25v
  • Output voltage range: 4.8 v to 5.2v
  • Typical output voltage: 5v
  • Maximum output current: 1.5A

Pin Description

  1. Input (7v to 25v)
  2. Gnd
  3. Out (5V)


  • Use a capacitor to minimize voltage fluctuation
  • Use heat sink to avoid damage because of heat

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