LM7805 7805 IC 5V Voltage Regulator IC

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IC Number LM7805
IC Function converts any voltage to 5 Volts
Number of Pins 3
Pin type through hole
Package TO-220
Package contains 1 x LM7805 Voltage Regulator IC

9.00 12.00

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  • IC 7805 is a member of the 78xx series of the fixed linear voltage regulator IC. This regulator IC gives a constant output of 5v and input can be up to 24v (min. 7v). 7805 is so popular among all the voltage regulator IC because 5v is a basic voltage supply for most of the electronics circuit and getting a battery of exactly 5v is not that easy.


    • Input voltage: 7v to 25v
    • Output voltage range: 4.8 v to 5.2v
    • Typical output voltage: 5v
    • Maximum output current: 1.5A

    Pin Description

    1. Input (7v to 25v)
    2. Gnd
    3. Out (5V)


    • Use a capacitor to minimize voltage fluctuation
    • Use heat sink to avoid damage because of heat


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    1. sumit chouhan

      good quality. liked that delivery speed. thank u..

      sumit chouhan

    2. kamal Gunjal

      working good. i want more . really like it.

      kamal Gunjal

    3. Humid Ali

      working good . it’s 100% original one. thanks roboelements.

      Humid Ali

    4. kumarakash9023

      Great product with exceptional delivery speed..
      Really liked it


    5. Mounir Patel

      Very fast delivery in Mumbai…got 3rd day of ordering… bravo…

      Mounir Patel

    6. null (verified owner)



    7. Satyam Khanna (verified owner)

      Good Quality

      Satyam Khanna

    8. Deepak Singh (verified owner)


      Deepak Singh

    9. mkhalelulah (verified owner)

      on time delivery. product wise its okay producing more heat. bought 3 ic and one already gone faulty in the middle of testing.


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