attiny13 microcontroller 8 bit atmel avr microcontroller

Product Details Description: The attiny13 microcontroller is a type of low-power 8-bit CMOS microcontroller. The architecture of this microcontroller is based on enhanced RISC architecture. ATtiny achieves throughputs of 1 MIPS/MHz by executing powerful instruction, which allows the designer to optimize power consumption and speed. Specification view on Amazon

560nf 0.56uf (564J) 400V Polyester Film Mylar Capacitor

SKU: BEC0235 Product Details Capacitor type: polyester film mylar capacitor Capacitor Number: 564J Value in nf: 560nf Value in uf: 0.56uf Voltage rating: 400V Polarity: non-polar Number of pins: 2 Mounting type: through hole Package contains: 1 x 564J 400V Mylar Polypropylene Film Capacitor View on Amazon

TP4056 1A 5V Li-Ion Battery Charging Module with Current Protection

SKU: DSM078 Rated 4.59 out of 5 based on 34customer ratings Product Details TP4056 with current protection is a compact module, perfect for 18650 Li-Ion batteries that do not have their own protection circuit. The module is an advanced version of the TP4056 module that used not to have a current protection circuit onboard. Based on the TP4056 … Read more

MOC3020 Triac Driven Optocoupler

SKU: IC0075 Add to Wishlist Product Details IC number: MOC3020 Triac operating mode: zero crossing Isolation voltage: 5.3K Peak repetitive off-state voltage: 400V No of pins: 6 Package type: PDIP-6 (White) Mounting type: through hole Package contains: 1 x MOC3020 Triac Driven Optocoupler Description Reviews MOC3020 is Triac driven a zero-crossing optocoupler. Optocoupler is made … Read more

7483 4-bit Binary Full Adder IC

  SKU: IC0029   Product Details Product: 7483 IC Product type: 4-bit full adder IC Number of pins: 16 Package: PDIP-16 Mounting type: through hole Package contains: 1 x 7483 4-bit Binary Full Adder IC Description Reviews 7483 is a high speed  4-bit full adder IC with carry out feature. The device has 4 independent … Read more

Piezoelectric Sensor Transducer Piezo Element

SKU: DSM054 Rated 3.50 out of 5 based on 2customer ratings (2 customer reviews) Add to Wishlist Product Details Product type: Piezoelectric sensor or piezoelectric transducer Colour: copper and silver Dimension: 27 mm Weight: 2 g Sheet material: bronze Package contains: 1 x piezoelectric sensor Description Reviews Warranty The piezoelectric sensor or Piezo Elements work on the principle of … Read more


74xx Series ICs, Electronics Components, IC – Integrated Circuit 74HCT164 8 Bit Shift Register Serial In Parallel Out Shift Register SKU: IC0039 Add to Wishlist Product details Product type: 8-bit shift register Input-output type: serial in parallel out IC number: 74HCT164 Technology: TTL Family: 74 series Number of pins: 16 Pin type: through hole Package type: PDIP-16 … Read more