NOEL 40gm 22 SWG Flux Coated Solder Wire 60/40 Grade


Product Specification

  • Product: Leaded core solder wire,
  • Core type solder wire,
  • Minimum resistance,
  • No additional flux or fast is required,
  • No dry solder


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Solder wire is conductive alloy substance with a low melting point, used in the electronics industry to electrically connect components together. It is frequently used to join wires to leads of components such as switches or to join components of all kinds to a printed circuit board General purpose or zero PCB, two pieces of metals etc.

The soldering wire we are selling is cored one. It means it is leaded and having included flux, so there is no need of external flux to apply.

Advantages of Using Cored Solder Wire Over Solid

Unwanted materials like as oxides, oil, grease etc can stuck in between the tracks of the printed circuit board and surface of the components leads. These unwanted materials need to remove for the perfect joints before doing soldering.  If it is not getting removed, it can affect the performance of the circuit.  using cored solder wire, there is no need of any external flux to remove these kinds of impurities. As there is no need of external flux, so by using cored solder wire we can save our money and time.

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