SKU: BEC0141 Add to Wishlist Product Details : Product Category Diode Part Number 6A4 Case R-6 Terminal 2 Terminal Type Through hole Description Reviews Specification Maximum recurrent peak reverse voltage: 400V Maximum RMS voltage: 280V Maximum DC blocking voltage: 400V Maximum forward current: 6A DC reverse current: 10µA Maximum forward voltage: 090V Storage and operating … Read more


62256 32Kx8 bit CMOS SRAM (Static RAM) IC SKU: IC0085 Add to Wishlist Product Details Product: SRAM or Static RAM IC IC number: 62256 IC storage : 32K x 8 bit Number of pins: 28 Pin type: through hole Package: Plastic DIP-28 Description Reviews 62256 is a Static RAM or SRAM IC with CMOS technology. … Read more


SKU: PSP017 Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1customer rating (2 customer reviews) Add to Wishlist Product Specifications: IC Number LM7809 IC Function converts any voltage to 9 Volts Number of Pins 3 Pin type through hole Package contains 1 x LM7809 Voltage Regulator IC Description Reviews 7809 IC is a simple voltage regulator IC which regulates the … Read more


SKU: BEC0170 Add to Wishlist Product Details: Rectifier IC DF10 Type single-phase full wave diode rectifier Polarity shown in IC Number of pins 4 Pin type through holes Package contains 1 x DF10 rectifier IC Description Reviews DF10 is a single phase full wave Diode rectifier. It is used in AC-to-DC conversion. The rectifier is … Read more


SKU: IC0052 Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4customer ratings (4 customer reviews) Add to Wishlist Product Details IC: CD4026 Function: Decade counter and 7 segment driver Pin counts: 16 Mounting type: through hole Package: PDIP-16 Package contains: 1 x CD4026 Counter IC Description Reviews Warranty CD4026 is a decade counter which consists of a 5-stage Johnson decade … Read more

W10 1000V 1.5A Silicon Bridge Rectifier Single Phase Full Wave Rectifier

SKU: BEC0213 View on Amazon Product Details: Rectifier IC W10 Rectifier Type Full wave rectifier Phase single phase Number of pins 4 Mounting type through holes Polarity marked on IC case molded plastic technique Weight 1.3g Package contains 1 x w10 Rectifier IC W10 is a single phase and full-wave bridge rectifier ic with 1000V … Read more


SKU: BEC0164 Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1customer rating (1 customer review) Add to Wishlist Product Details Product type: SCR IC number: C106MG Number of Pins: 3 Pin type: dip package contains: 1 x C106MG IC Description Reviews C106 is a standard gate triggering SCR, which is a fully isolated package. It finds its application where requiring high … Read more


SKU: DSM049 Add to Wishlist Features: Product Type: L298N Module Function: Motor Driver Module IC: L298N Dimensions: 4.2 cm X 4.2 cm Colour: as shown in image Pin counts: 14 Weight: 30 g Package contains: 1 X L298N module Description Reviews L298N Motor driver module is a high voltage, high current, and dual full-bridge driver. … Read more


SKU: IC0031 Add to Wishlist Product details Product type: Binary Decade Counter IC IC number: 7490 Technology: CMOS Logic family: 74 series Number of pins: 14 Pin type: through hole Package: PDIP-14 tube type Package contains: 1 x 7490 IC Description Reviews 7490 is a Binary coded decimal counter and counts up to ten digits. … Read more


SKU: BEC0200 Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2customer ratings (2 customer reviews) Add to Wishlist Product Details: Series STP55NF06 Transistor type MOSFET Polarity N-channel Number of pins 3 Pin type Through holes Package TO-220 Package contains 1 x 55NG06 IC Description Reviews STP55NF06 or P55NF06 or 55NF06 is an N-channel power MOSFET designed with STrip Process by … Read more