TDA2030A 18W Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier IC

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Product Details :

Product typeaudio amplifier IC
IC numberTDA2030
Number of pins5
Pin typethrough holes
Package5 pin TO-220, pentawatt package

TDA2030 is a powerful audio amplifier IC in the petawatt package. This IC is used as a low-frequency AB Amplifier. The device features with inbuilt short circuit protection, power dissipation limit, and thermal protection.


  • Short circuit and thermal protection
  • Wide range of voltage supply
  • High output power, up to 20W


  • Audio amplifier
  • Cascade audio speaker
  • Portable speakers

Pin Description

  1. Input
  2. -Input
  3. Gnd
  4. Output
  5. Vs

Package contains

  • 1 x TDA2030 IC

SKU: IC0081 Categories: Audio ICIC – Integrated Circuit

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